Netgear Ethernet and Antenna Charging Cradle for Aircard 782S

* Charge Netgear AirCard 782S Mobile Hotspot
* Boost antenna strength by providing up to 10-15 dB of additional gain
* Remote antenna connectivity (via TS9 connectors)
* Quick to setup and use
* Ethernet connection to provide tethered Internet connectivity for your home or office

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This Ethernet and Antenna Charging Cradle from Netgear is designed to not only enhance the capabilities of your AirCard 782S, but also to bring broadband services that are as fast and reliable as your home connection when you are away at your holiday home or travel accommodations. With this Wi-Fi Hub/charging Cradle, you can easily charge the battery and boost the signal simultaneously by docking your Aircard MiFi device and taking advantage of the built-in MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-out) antennas.

In addition, this Hub Cradle is equipped with an Ethernet port (x1) which you can use to connect your desktop computer, printer, network attached storage (NAS), media server, or any other Ethernet-enabled devices to the Telstra AirCard 782S,785S,790S,AC810S Mobile Hotspot's high speed Internet connection over the 4G Advanced networks.

Furthermore, beyond the integrated MIMO antennas, this Netgear Hub Cradle has two optional external antenna plug-ins, so that you can further boost the range and get high-speed wireless Internet access (via an assortment of available external antenna solutions) that go the distance.
Netgear Ethernet and Antenna Charging Cradle Specifications:
* Dimensions: 110 mm (H) x 215 mm (L) x 95 mm (W)
* Weight: 490 g
* Package contents:
- Ethernet and Antenna Charging Cradle
- A/C Charger
- Ethernet Cable
* Frequency bands:
- LTE: 700 (B28)/ 850 (B5)/ 900 (B8) /1800 (B3) /2100 (B1)
- HSPA+ DC: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
* Power requirements: 5 V DC 1.2 Amp power supply
* External Antenna specifications: TS9 connectors. 50 ohm impedance (optimally)
* Ethernet Specifications: 1 Gbps port

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