Huawei ME209u-526 4G LTE Module

* Two Form Factors: 145-pin LGA and Mini-PCIe
* LTE Bands: FDD Band 4 and Band 13
* DL 100Mbps/UL 50Mbps
* Antenna interface: yes

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The Huawei ME209u-526 is high-quality designed LTE module which supports 100Mbps downlink data rate, include enhanced features like FOTA, USSD and Huawei enhanced AT commands. The ME209u-526 supports network & speed as: LTE (FDD) B4/B13, all bands with diversity, UL (50 Mbps)/ DL (100 Mbps) @Bandwidth 20M (CAT3). With Huawei standard LGA form factor, it is easy to migrate from MC509 or MU509/MU609/MU709 to ME909 family.

Huawei ME209u-526 Technical specifications:

* Two Form Factors: 145-pin LGA and Mini-PCIe
* LTE Bands: FDD Band 4 and Band 13
* LTE FDD: Downlink:100 Mbps, Uplink: 50 Mbps @Bandwidth 20M (CAT3)
* Power supply:
- LGA: 3.3 V to 4.2 V (typical: 3.8 V)
- Mini PCIe: 3.0 V to 3.6 V (3.3 V recommended)
* Temp Range
- Normal Operation: -30℃ to 70℃
- Extended Operation: -40℃ to 75℃
* GPS/Glonass: N/A
* Antenna interface: yes
* USB 2.0 High speed
* PCM Voice Interface: yes
* SIM card interface: yes
* Power supply and Reset interface: yes
* Special Features
- Embedded UDP/TCP/IP/FTP/HTTP stack
- Firmware Update via USB
* Operating System : Linux, Android
* Size
- LGA: 30 X 30 X 2.3mm
- Mini PCIe: 51 x 30.4 x 3.4mm
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