Huawei B525 External Antenna

* Huawei B525 4G LTE external antenna for indoor or outdoor usage
* Frequency: 700mhz - 2700mhz
* Dual SMA connectors

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The latest LTE CAT6 CPE Huawei B525 is another popular router after the Huawei E5186. It supports more LTE bands than the E5186 and supports VPN which is good for cooperate network building. As the increasing B525 users, the issue of signal improving and strengthing would be more visble. Fortunately, on the backside of the B525, there are two extenal antenna connectors which are covered by a cap. The connector type is SMA. If you want your B525 router alway gets the best possible reception and high transfer speed, using external antenna would be a smart idea.
We now have nearly 10 types extenal antennae which could be used for Huawei B525 CPE. Here are the 3 most popular ones with out clients.

Huawei Original CPE Antenna - No Cable

* Frequency Range(MHz): 790MHz~2690MHz
* Gain: 0.5+/-1dBi
* Max Input power(W): 60
* Input Impedance(Ω): 50
* Polarization Type: Vertical
* Antenna Length(mm): 170±1 mm
* Connector Type: SMA male as default
* Weight:17g
* Storage Temperature: -45'c to +75'c
* Operating Temperature: -45'c to+75'c
* Polarization: Vertical
* Color: White
* Weight:40g

Indoor Antenna - Dual SMA Connectors

* 4G Frequency Range: 791-821MHz / 832-862MHz / 1710-1785MHz / 1805-1880MHz / 2500-2570MHz / 2620-2690MHz
* Connector Type: SMA Connector (two)
* VSWR: <=2.5
* Gain: 35dBi
* Polarization type: Vertical
* Radiation: Omni
* Maximum input power: 10W
* Input impedance: 50 ohms
* Sucker: 5cm (Diameter)
* Cable type: RG174 (best) 100% cooper
* Cable length: 2m
* Size: 22cm x 19cm x 2.1cm
Weight: 136g

Outdoor Antenna - Dual SMA Connectors

* Frequency Range: 698-806MHZ/824-894mhz/ 925-960mhz/1710-1885MHZ/1920-1980MHZ/2110-2170MHZ/2500-2690MHZ
* Gain:24dbi
* Polarization Type: Vertical
* Radiation: Omni
* VSWR:≤1.5
* Impedance: 50Ω
* Max Power: 50w
* Cable Type: RG58(best)100% cooper
* Cable Length: for customization
* Dimensions: 9.85x 18.5x 1.2inches
* Weight: 2.58 Pound
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