5G Network will be Available in 2019

WANT to download or upload movies in minutes? That will be come true in 2019. The next-generation 5G network makes this possible. Now, some of the world-leading telecommunication carriers are spending millions developing, testing and deploying 5G networks ahead of their launch with a view to providing fast mobile internet services.

News from the telcos

In Barcelona, Telstra has laid out parts of its roadmap for the mobile evolution to 5G, announcing that its 5G network will go live in 2019 across major cities and what it’s calling a “number” of regional centers in 2019.

Telstra has announced that its hit peak lab speeds of up to 2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) using Qualcomm’s latest category 20 compatible modem, the Snapdragon X24.

Optus is going to lead the Australian market in the development and deployment of pre-5G and 5G technologies. Continue reading “5G Network will be Available in 2019”