LTE Band 12 FDD 700Mhz Compatible Mobile Devices

What is LTE Band 12

The lower band 700Mhz is divided into five blocks as shown below in figure.  The A, B, and C blocks are paired, which is LTE band 12( FDD 700Mhz Lower A/B/C) which makes them useful for services that require two-way transmission, such as wireless Internet. The upper half of the pair is usually used to transmit from a tower to mobile devices while the lower half is usually used to transmit from devices back to the network; this ordering is prevalent because higher frequency transmissions require more power.


Who use LTE Band 12

T-Mobile is the only national network in America currently utilizing band 12 LTE (regional operator US Cellular being the next largest), and support for that band is key in congested metro regions, where its low 700MHz frequency provides superior building penetration and increased capacity for the network. There are also other carriers uses the LTE band 12.

Canada: Bell (FDD 700 b mhz )

Guam: iConnect (FDD 700 b mhz), IT&E Overseas (FDD 700 a mhz)

Northern Mariana Islands: IT&E Overseas (FDD 700 a mhz)

United States: Adams Networks  (FDD 700 c mhz), BIT Communications(FDD 700 c mhz), Bluegrass Cellular(FDD 700 b c mhz), CVC (FDD 700 a mhz ), Fuego Wireless (PVT), Mosaic Telecom (FDD 700 c mhz), Nex-Tech Wireless (FDD 700 c mhz), Rock Wireless (FDD 700 a mhz), T-Mobile (FDD 700 a mhz), U.S. Cellular (FDD 700 a b mhz) Continue reading “LTE Band 12 FDD 700Mhz Compatible Mobile Devices”