Huawei E5573 E5577 and E5377 External Antenna

Huawei mobile Wi-Fi hotspot devices are always the most popular among users all over the world for their stable and easy-to-use feature. Like the models of Huawei E5377, E5573, E5577 and more, many users take them for travel on the go. In order to get a stable access speed, choosing an external antenna for the Mi-Fi is a necessity like the following user:
I have a Huawei E5577 model and I always do a lot of long distance rail travel and am seeking advice on external antennae to improve internet access.
#1 Which 4G Antenna Connector Type for E5573, E5577 and E5377?
#2 Single or dual connector antenna, which is better?
#3 External Antenna Recommendation for E5573, E5577 and E5377

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