Huawei B529 VS Huawei B525

Huawei B529 (HomeNet Box) and Huawei B525 are two available LTE mobile routers on T-mobile site. As the model number are so close, many T-mobile users are really confused about which one to choose, B529 or B525, like the following:
I will take internet from T-mobile and I have two HUAWEI B525 and HUAWEI B529 routers to choose from. For B525 I have to pay PLN 49 for the start, and for B529 199. Is there any point in taking the more expensive one? Generally, 3 devices (2 computers and a tablet) will be connected to the router. I care about low pings because sometimes it happens to me to play some games — Count Dracula
T-Mobile which router? B525 or B529?
Hi, what router should I choose from a home network of 60MB from tmobile? Which one will be better? In the attachment information about the nearest BTS. I do not know about this, therefore, particulars. — NDhc
Both as a Huawei router, there are similarity for Huawei B525 and B529 router. Both of them are LTE CAT6 router, which means the download speed could up to 300Mbps. At the aspect of difference, there are many. Let’s check out the following. Continue reading “Huawei B529 VS Huawei B525”