How fast is LTE

Everyone probably heard something about the hugely powerful LTE (4G) mobile technology . Many people would want to know: how fast can I surf with LTE? At present, hypothetical speeds of up to 1GBit / s and excellent ping times of less than 15 ms are feasible. In fact, there are a lot of factors influencing the LTE speed.
Factor 1: LTE standards and classes
First of all, it is very important to know that there is not just “the LTE”! Rather, there are now several stages of development. These are identified in the release versions and hardware categories. For the customer this is sometimes difficult to understand. One could easily say that there are different “LTE versions”. LTE, as introduced in 2011, offered up to 50 MBit download rate and 10 MBit upload speed. Somewhat later, 100 MBit download speed could be achieved. LTE category 4 ( CAT4 ), on the other hand, offers up to 150 MBit. In the upstream then 50 MBit is possible.
With the even more modern LTE-Advanced (from CAT12), again significantly faster data connections were made possible. A whopping 600 MBit per second, the technology in the top already offers today, at 50 MBit upstream. Continue reading “How fast is LTE”