How to Set up Phone Connection for Huawei B890

Huawei B890 4G LTE smart Hub has the telephone port to support voice over funtions. Follow these simple steps to connect a Phone to your B890.

1 For voice calls, connect a standard telephone to the Telephone Port using a RJ-11 cable (you will require a voice plan in addition to a data plan to use this feature).

Important Notice:
If the B890 4G LTE Smart Hub is to be connected to the existing wall outlet telephone wiring the existing wiring MUST first be disconnected from any outside landline telephone network. Not disconnecting from any outside landline telephone network will cause excessive heat or even damage the Smart Hub.

2 Check the indicators on the front panel of your Smart Hub. At minimum the indicators must be lit as outlined.

You are ready to make your first phone call on your new Smart Hub! Refer to the section “Using your 4G LTE Smart Hub’s Phone Features” for more help on using a phone with your Smart Hub.
1. Radio signals can interfere with the telephone call connection and quality. To eliminate the risk of possible interference, place the telephone at least 1 meter away from the B890 4G LTE Smart Hub.
2. Fax is not support on this 4G LTE Smart Hub.

Power indicator: Solid White – the Smart Hub is powered on.
Wireless signal indicator: Solid Blue or Cyan: B890 is registered with the wireless network. (If itis red and blinking, power off the Smart Hub and ensure your SIM card is inserted correctly.)
Telephone indicator: Not lit. Solid white when you are on a call. This indicator will blink when you are receiving a call in addition to your phone ringing.

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