List of “Dark Horses” in the History of World Cup, Which Would be the Ones in 2018

Previous Dark Horses in World Cup, Which Would be the Ones in 2018
Nearly there are several dark horses in almost each World Cup. This 2018 World Cup, the most potential dark horse, must be Iceland. It has been a dark horse since the first time the World Cup team played in the European cup in 2016. Will Iceland continue to beat England in this World Cup?

Which team would be the dark horse in 2018 World Cup? Now, let’s take a look at the dark horses of the previous World Cup.

1st: Uruguay (championship), United States (third place), Yugoslavia (fourth place)
Uruguay won the championship in the end. There was a one-armed player in the team. It is now sounds impossible in nowadays.
2nd: Czech Republic (Runner-up), Austria (Fourth Place)
(The Czech team made history and won runner-up, and Austria achieved the best fourth place at the time)
3rd: Hungary (Runner-up), Sweden (fourth place)
(Hungary created the best historical results, and Sweden also created the best results at the time)
4th: Uruguay (championship), Sweden (third place)
(The Brazilian team was actually reversed by Uruguayans in the lead situation. The Uruguayans made a miracle. Sweden gave a big win and refreshed the previous best results.)
5th: Hungary (2nd runner-up), Austria (3rd place), Uruguay (4th place)
6th: Sweden (Runner-up)
(Belly turned out to make the host to see clearly there is a big gap between himself and the strong team)
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7th: Czech Republic (runner-up), Chile (3rd), Yugoslavia (fourth)
Chile had a black record and created the best results in the country. It also made an important contribution to the history of the World Cup. The Eastern European Czech Republic and Yugoslavia also made impressive achievements, especially the Czech team, although in the finals, it was a big score that lost to Brazil, exposing the gap between itself and the traditional strong team. However, the runner-up results cannot be denied as a full-blown dark horse.
8th: The Soviet Union (4th place)
(In England, the World Cup was actually overwhelming. Brazil and Italy returned home. North Korea actually eliminated the Italians from the quarterfinals in the group stage. The quarterfinals can also score three goals in Portugal at the start, but Eusebio The outbreak sent them back home, and the quarterfinals were not enough to prove the dark horse. It was the result of the semi-finals of the Soviet team that created the best in the country’s history and made some of the traditional strong teams eye-catching.
The 9th: Uruguay (4th place)
Mexican World Cup, Bele is king of the World Cup, but people have not forgotten that Uruguayan rushed into the semi-finals.
10th: Poland (secondary)
The Polish team has always been obsessed with hardships and difficulties, rushed into the semi-finals to create history, and later defeated the powerful Brazil team in the finals of three or four.
11th: No Dark Horse
12th: Poland (runner-up)
The performance of the Polish team was shocking. Bonec’s performance was appalling. They also defeated the powerful French team with Platini in three or four finals.
13th: Belgium (fourth)
(Belgium is a big dark horse. The performance at the group stage is almost eliminated. The following players, such as Sifu, Thurmans, Pfaff, etc., have erupted. A quarter of the games have dragged the powerful Spanish team into the penalty shootout. Final elimination of opponents, although the semi-final was eliminated by Maradona led by Argentina, but they have done their best, the title of the Red Devil reverberated at that time, the fourth is Belgium’s best score.)
14th: No Black Horse
Although the defending champion was defeated by the African lion Cameros and Cameroon also reached the quarter-finals, the overall situation of the World Cup to the back was all about the strong, so the summer of Italy did not have the dark horse we expected.
15th: Sweden (3rd), Bulgaria (4th)
Bulgaria is really a big dark horse of the World Cup in the United States. It has also been getting better and better. It also eliminated the defending champions Germany. Sweden also unexpectedly entered the semi-finals. In the last three or four finals, the dialogue between dark horses and dark horses ended up in northern Europe. The pirates finally laughed.
16th: Croatia (3rd)
Suk, Boban, and others performed the Croatian myth in the romantic France. The Croatia of the World Cup was a very long-term unforgettable event. It took the third place in the World Cup for the first time. This is something that some traditional strong teams can hope for. , and the plaid clothing can be seen everywhere after that World Cup.
17th: Turkey (secondary). South Korea (fourth)
18th: No Black Horse
19th: Uruguay (4th place)
The Blue Legion, headed by Fran, Suarez, Cavani, and others, wrote a dark horse legend on the African continent.
20th: No Black Horse
Although many games in the group stage are eye-popping, there are also some unimaginable teams entering the quarter-finals, but among the top four are still strong teams)

So who do you think which teams will be the dark horse in the 2018 FIFA?

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