Netgear Nighthawk M1 IP Passthrough

“IP Passthrough allows you to assign a public IP address to a device connected to your Netgear Nighthawk M1 router. Whether you’re looking to use a third party router or troubleshoot possible connectivity issues, IP Passthrough bypasses your M1’s internal routing.

If you enable this IP Passthrough mode of your M1, Wi-Fi is disabled and you must use a USB cable to tether the device. And this feature is available to Windows computer users. If you are a Mac user, do not enable the IP Passthrough because you will be unable to access your M1.

Here are the instruction for you to enable the IP passthrough mode.

1. From a computer that is connected to your network, launch a web browser.
2. Enter http://m.home or
A login page displays.
3. Enter the administrator login password.
The password is case-sensitive.
4. Select SETTINGS > Setup > Router Setup.
The ROUTER SETUP page displays.
5. Select the IP PASSTHROUGH ON button.
The default selection is AUTO.

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