How to Modify SIM PIN Code for Huawei E589

A SIM PIN is a password that allows an administrator user of a phone to access information on his SIM card. It usually has four and eight digits.This tutorial will show you how to modify the SIM PIN with Huawei E589 4G WiFi router.


You have to do the change setting from the Web Management page. So, log in the Web Management home page with password, and thenclick Settings.


Click Security at the left panel.
security e589


Click PIN Management.


Click the PIN code field.


Enter the SIM PIN code, then click Apply.
apply pin code e589


The SIM PIN is now enabled.


To change the SIM PIN, click the PIN operation dropdown box. Click Modify.
choose modify pin


In the PIN code field, enter the current SIM PIN, then click the New PIN field.


Enter the new PIN, then click the Confirm PIN field.


Confirm the new PIN, then click Apply.
confirm sim pin code huawei e589
After these steps, your SIM PIN would be changed for the 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

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