Huawei E8278 WiFi Dongle – Connect Internet via WLAN

As a fastest LTE WiFi dongle, Huawei E8278s Wingle enables 10 Wi-Fi users and 1 user via USB to access into the 4G mobile network. Just plug into a power adapter or car charger, users could get the 4G WiFi signal while on the go. Let’s view the guide about how to connect the 4G network via WLAN with the Huawei E8278 dongle.

Connecting Clients to the E8278 Mobile WiFi over a WLAN

After WLAN is enabled on the Mobile WiFi, clients can connect to the Mobile WiFi and access the Internet using it.

  • 1. At first, The Mobile WiFi E8278 should have connected to the Internet. Here are the steps to set connection:
       a. Choose Settings > Dial-up > Mobile Connection .

       b. Click Turn On.
       c. Select one of the following options:
           Enable: enables data roaming.
            Disable: disables data roaming.
    d.Click Apply and access the Internet.

  • 2. Choose Settings > WLAN > WLAN Basic Settings.
  • 3. View the default value of Name (SSID).
    You can change Name (SSID) to ensure the WLAN security. For details, see Changing the SSID. To further improve the WLAN security, you can set a security key for the WLAN.
    To facilitate connections from clients, enable SSID Broadcast.
  • 4. Enter Name (SSID) on clients.
    After connecting to the Mobile WiFi, clients can access the Internet using the Mobile WiFi.

Huawei E8278 WLAN SSID

View the Connected Wi-Fi Clients

You could view the number of and details about the clients connected to the Huawei E8278 4G LTE modem in the wireless local area network (WLAN).
WLAN clients statics E8278
a. Click Statistics.
b. Under Connected WLAN clients, view the clients connected to the Mobile WiFi.

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