Huawei E589 WiFi Router Screen Indicators

The screen on the Mobile WiFi E589 displays a number of indicators, such as signal strength, network connection, and more. This article will show you the details of each indicator for you.

huawei e589 indicators

1 this icon indicates the signal strength.

The signal is from weak to strong. It’s not rocket science, one is weakest, while five is the strongest

2 the icon icon indicates the network connection (e.g. 4G).

3 indicates that WiFi is enabled on the Mobile WiFi device.

The number alongside indicates the number of devices connected to your Mobile WiFi device.
Note: WiFi can be enabled or disabled on the Mobile WiFi device by pressing and holding the WiFi/Power button for a few seconds.

4 shows Internet connection status

This icon indicates an internet connection is established.

5 Message icon

This icon will be displayed if any messages have been received. It shows new messages and the number of new messages.

Note: The message icon will flash if your local inbox is full.

6Battery level icon

It indicates the remaining battery charge available.

Note: To charge the 4G mobile router device, please connect a microUSB-to-USB cable to a laptop or desktop PC.

7 International roaming state

8 Connection duration icon

It indicates the connection duration.In addition, there are some other icons which may be displayed.

9 Mode icon

This icon indicates the type of connection setup for access to the internet: A is for Automatic and M is for Manual
Note: The internet connection type can be selected by accessing the Web Management Page.

10 Traffic data icon

Traffic statistics are for your reference only. To obtain the actual traffic data, contact your service provider.

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