How to Open the NAT for XBox on Huawei E589 Mobile WiFi

Question 1: How do i change my nat settings on huawei e589 so my xbox live firewall status is not restrictive? Cannot play friends etc on xbox live
Question 2: I own a huawei E589 4g mobile wifi device and have strict nat on my xbox 360. And I need it open to play online on some games. Could anyone help me how do i open the nat on a huawei E589 4G Mobile Wifi device?
While viewing on Xbox forums, there are always a lot of similar question about how to open NAT on Huawei E589 and play online games on Xbox live. Here we will show you the solution to change the NAT settings that works okay by other E589 users.

Steps to Open NAT for Xbox

1. Reset your MIFI E589 to default settings.
2. Set the WLAN Channel to static one, e.g. Channel 1to13 (Mines at 12, not sure if it helps but it works for me)
3. Firewall switch needs to be off.
4. In “Special Applications” you need to open the ports exactly like this:
Xbox LIVE 1 On 88 UDP UDP 88
Xbox LIVE 2 On 3074 TCP TCP 3074
Xbox LIVE 3 On 3074 UDP UDP 3074
Xbox LIVE 4 On 53 TCP TCP 53
Xbox LIVE 5 On 53 UDP UDP 53
Don’t take any short-cuts with this and do it in this order.

5. Turned on UPnP setting

6. Xbox settings all on automatic.

7. Then turn the E589 off and on (Reboot).
8. Turn on the E589 and then the Xbox, it will sign in as normal. Leave it there for 1 minute (maybe longer) then this is where the magic happens. You need to go to test connection and yes it will come up as Strict, leave it at that screen for like 1-2 minute and test again, it should come up as moderate, again leave it at that screen for another 1-2 minute and test again, it should come up as Open now.
Please note: You will need to do this xbox testing every time you want a Open NAT. Make sure that there is a 1-2 min gap between tests as it will come up as the same NAT.

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