Huawei E589 Mobile Router Firmware Download

There are a lot of questions about downloading Huawei E589 firmware at many discussion boards. Here we found some firmware for your Huawei E589 LTE pocket wifi from xda-developers forum, hope this article could help you.

Huawei Firmware Numbering System Definition

At first, let’s have a look at how Huawei classify their firmware versions/revisions? Take this firmware 11.433.13.00.01 for example. It consists of 5 sets of numbers. These can be described as:

"11"    - is for Qualcomm based devices (23 for HiSilicon)
"433"   - is the firmware Build version:
          Same HW platforms generally use the same builds. For example:
          All MDM9200-based modules: E392u, E397u, E398u, EM920u, EM930u etc. 
"13"    - is the Debug version and prefixed by "D" in FW updates. 
"00"    - probably Service Pack version and prefixed by "SP" in FW updates. 
"01"    - Network Operator / Carrier Customization. ("00" = No customization.)

Similarly for firmware updates. For example: HUAWEI_E589u-12_V100R001B433D15SP02C260_Finland (Elisa)

Just add “Version” after each:

V = Version, R = Release, B = Build, D = Debug , SP = Service Pack, C = Customization

Huawei Carrier Customization Codes

The firmware distributed by Huawei for use on their 3G/4G mobile wifi routers (MiFi) and dongles, are usually customized by each of the mobile service provider that sell them. Here we attempt to list all the customization codes used by Huawei, so that we can better understand the many variations that are purely firmware dependent versus hardware dependent.

According to belief, a customization code of “00” refer to no-customization, in other words it should be original “vanilla” Huawei firmware.
So far we have:

code    Provider        Country
00/000  /            /

01      Netcom          Norway
07      Telia           Sweden
08      MTN             SA
16      KPN             Holland
18      TME             Spain
24      H3G             Sweden
26      H3G             Denmark
43      Etisalat        UAE
55      DT              Germany
56      Tele2           Sweden
58      Optimus         Portugal
61      Cosmote         Greece
69      Polkomtel       Poland
74      Optus           Australia
77      Telenor         Hungary
78      T-Mobile        Hungary
84      TMN             Portugal
87      Mobitel         Slovenia
99      Maxis           Malaysia
110     Entel           Chile
115     Nawras          Oman
132     Utel            Ukraine
136     Nova            Island
141     Batelco         Bahrain
143     MTS             Russia
149     Vivo            Brazil
151     Channel??       India
157     PCCW            HK
158     Globe           Philippines
161     Beeline         Russia
174     Kyivstar        Ukraine
180     Orange          Spain
186     Zain            Kuwait
192     TIM             Italy
203     M1              Singapore
209     MegaFon         Russia
222     MTS             Ukraine
228     Personal        Argentina
238     Smart           Philippines
253     Personal        Paraguay
260     Elisa           Finland
272     Mobinil         Egypt
284     Airtel          India
309     Bytel           France
349     Telia           Denmark
362     MoldCell        Moldova
388     Life            Ukraine
391     Tele2           Russia
397     KTC             Kuwait
400     OM*             UK
409     Mobistar        Belgium
422     Telenor         Sweden
436     Omantel         Oman
464     Telus           Canada
479     Bytel           France
570     UNE             Colombia
577     Beeline         Kazakhstan
618     Polsat          Poland
622     "SFR"           ??
626     Orange          Uganda
632     STC             Bahrain
634     MTS             Uzbekistan
673     Altel           Kazakhstan
697     MTN             SA
778     OM*             Russia
801     A1TA            Austria
838     Global          Saudi Arabia
883     Beeline         Uzbekistan
991     MTC(Zain)       Lebanon
1020    iinet           Australia
1047    Orange          France
1049    Eastlink        Canada
1050    USCC ??         US
1055    EE              UK
1062    Orange          France
1064    OM*             Norway
1099    OM*             US
1102    20/20 ??        Sweden
1129    A&C             Belgium
1134    OM*             "Baltic Region"
1158    Spectranet      Nigeria
OM* = "Open Market" and possibly without customization
UAE = United Arab Emirates
UK = United Kingdom
US = United States
HK = Hong Kong
SA = South Afrika

Huawei E589u-12 Firmware

MDM9200Update_11.433.14.01.1064.B788.exe        (Norway)        HERE (15.33 MB)   original
MDM9200Update_11.433.15.01.673.B788.exe       Altel   (Kazakhstan)    HERE (15.08 MB)   original
MDM9200Update_11.433.15.00.422.B788.exe       Telenor (Sweden)        HERE (15.27 MB)   original


These firmware are just for your convenience in case you have a dead router or other serious problem. Please do not randomly flash these to your modem E589u-12. These have not yet been tested and confirmed to work. And we will not be held responsible for what happens, if you do.

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