How to Connect PSP via Wi-Fi with Huawei E5878

Huawei E5878 Wi-Fi router enable up to 10 Wi-Fi devices (tablet, PSP, phone and more) to access the Internet at the same time. Here are the steps about how to connect your PSP via Wi-Fi.

1On the PSP, turn on the WLAN.

2Choose Settings > Network Settings.

3Select Infrastructure Mode.

4Select New Connection, and enter the connection name.

5Select Scan to search for wireless networks. A list of access points will be
displayed on the screen.

6Select the access point with the Mobile WiFi’s SSID, and press the ► button on
the PSP. Confirm the SSID, and enter the
correct wireless network encryption key.

Two way to get the SSID and key:
1. The default SSID and encryption key are printed on the Mobile WiFi E5878 label. The label is included
in the package.
2. Press the power button to view the current SSID and network encryption key on the screen.

7 Press the ► button to proceed to the next step, and then press the X button to
22 save settings.

8Select Test Connection to test whether the network connection is successful.

9You can now open the browser and
access the network.

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