3 Ways to Use Huawei E5878 to Access the Internet

Huawei E5878 mobile Wi-Fi is a stylish LTE MIFi that supports a lot of power function for users than E5776 router. There are 3 ways that enables user to access the Internet: using LTE/3G/2G mobile network, using Wi-Fi netowrk, and using an Ethernet (WAN). Take a view these ways below.

1Access the Internet Using an LTE/3G/2G Network

Act as a Wireless Modem

The Huawei E5878s-32 can be used as a wireless modem when the Wi-Fi function is enabled. You can
directly use the default settings (or configure APN on the Web management page) and
set up a wireless network connection. Then other Wi-Fi device could access the Internet easily.
A maximum of ten wireless users can access the E5878s-32 at the same time.

Act as a USB Modem

After you connect the E5878s-32 and PC with a USB data cable or AF18 (or other USB network LAN adapter), you can directly use the default settings (or configure APN on the E5878s-32 Web page) and set up a network connection.

2Access the Internet Via Ethernet

Huawei E5878 provides an easy way to save your LTE/3G/2G network flow and fee if there are Ethernet available. Connect the E5878 MiFi to AF18 (or other USB network LAN adapter), and then connect the AF18’s network port to the
Ethernet port using a network cable. Then you would access the Internet via the Ethernet instead of the mobile network. The E5878s-32 supports automatic identification of the WAN/LAN port in access mode, and automatic selection of accessing manners of ADSL domestic wideband, DHCP hotel wideband or static IP wideband.

3LTE/3G/Wi-Fi Auto Offload

The E5878 Huawei mobile Wi-Fi allows you to access the Internet via Wi-Fi. When you are
using it in areas with a Wi-Fi hotspot, for example, an airport, a cafe, a hotel, or your home, the E5878 device switches to Wi-Fi connection automatically, saving your LTE/3G network traffic fees. After the function is enabled, a maximum of nine wireless users can access the E5878 at the same time.

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