Huawei E5878 – How to Access the Internet via Ethernet (WAN)

By using Huawei AF18 network adapter or other USB Network LAN adapter you could access the Internet via Ethernet with Huawei E5878. The Huawei E5878s-32 supports automatic identification of the WAN/LAN port in access mode, and automatic selection of accessing manners of ADSL domestic wideband, DHCP hotel wideband or static IP wideband. You can easily access the Internet using the Ethernet to save your LTE/3G/2G network flow
and fee.

access internet via Ethernet E5878

Steps to Connect E5878 to Access the Internet via WAN

Simply by the following four steps you could finish the setup of access the Internet via WAN.

1Connect the Mobile WiFi to the AF18.

The AF18 is an optional accessory. If it is not included in the package you buy, you could choose some other USB network LAN adapters.

2Use the network cable to connect the AF18 to the router

3 Make sure appears on the screen.

4Log in to the Huawei E5878 Mobile WiFi’s web management page and configure the parameters of the Ethernet connection

Steps In to the Web Management Page
1. Make sure the connection between the E5878 and the Wi-Fi device or computer is working normally.
2. Open the browser, and enter in the address box.
If the IP address conflicts with other IP addresses on the network, the IP address of the
Mobile WiFi automatically changes. Check the current IP address on the Mobile WiFi screen.
3. Enter the user name and password to log in to the web management page.
The default user name is admin. And the default password is admin
Dynamic IP: Does not need to be configured.
PPPoE: Enter the user name and password for a dial-up connection.
Static IP: Select static IP in connection mode and enter the IP address, default gateway address, DNS server address, and so on.
For detailed information about the user name, password, IP address, default gateway
address, DNS server address, and other settings, contact your operator.

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