How to Get SSID and Encryption Key for Huawei E5786

Supporting the next-generation LTE-Advanced CAT6 network, Huawei E5786 is the world’s fastest MiFi or mobile Wi-Fi. Upgrade based on the Huawei E5776 LTE router, it adds more functions than it. The operation is different with the E5776. Take getting the SSID and encryption key for example, simply by pressing the WPS button twice, you would view the info in the screen. However, there is no WPS button at the body of the E5786, and you cannot do the same operation as the E5776. Here we will show you how to do it.

1Get the Info from the body of E5786 device

If you haven’t modified the default SSID and key, the default SSID and encryption key are printed on the Mobile WiFi label which is located at the back of the E5786.

2View SSID info on the screen

Simply by pressing few buttons you would view the SSID and encryption key on the LCD screen of the E5786. Here are the steps:
1. Press the MENU button to display the menu.

2. Press the MENU button to scroll to Device Info.

3. Press the power button to enter Device Info.

3View and modify SSID info from the Web management system page

It is recommended that you can log in to the web
management page and change your SSID and wireless network encryption key. Here are the steps to login the WebGuI.
1. Make sure the connection between the Mobile WiFi and the Wi-Fi device or computer is working normally.
2. Open the browser, and enter in the address box.
3. Enter the user name and password to log in to the web management page.
And then you could view and change the SSID details easily.

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