How to Download Huawei Mobile WiFi App for Android Devices

Huawe Mobile WiFi APP is a useful Huawei network connecting devices management software. It helps you manage your Huawei E5786 Mobile WiFi device anytime and anywhere. With it, you can view the data usage, battery life, SD card memory, device managment and other settings from the convenience of your Android devices.

Download the Mobile Wi-Fi APP from Google Play or Huawei App Center

The easist way to download the APP for your Android device is searching for Huawei Mobile WiFi in Google Play or HUAWEI App Center, and downloading and installing the app to your device. Besides this way, we now introduce you a new way to download the APP by using a 2D Barcode. Here are the steps for you.

From the E5786 4G LTE MiFi,

1Press the MENU button of E5786 to display the menu.

2Press the MENU button to scroll to 2D Barcode

3Press the button to enter 2D Barcode.

4Press the MENU button to scroll to Mobile app.

5Press the button to display the Mobile app screen.

On your Android device:

6 Scan the 2D Barcode on the Mobile WiFi to download the
HUAWEI Mobile WiFi App.

After downloading and installing the APP on your Android device, you could enjoy the convenience the APP brings you and improve your mobile computing experience.

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