How to Connect Huawei E5786 to Wi-Fi Hotspot

Just like Huawei E5878, Huawei E5786 mobile Wi-Fi router provides another two ways for users to access the Internet beside accessing the Internet via 4G LTE/3G/2G. As the fastest 4G mobile router, E5786 enables users to connect it to a Wi-Fi hotspot and then other devices connect to the E5786 could access the Internet easily. Now you will get to know how to connect your Huawei E5786 to a Wi-Fi hotspot from the following guide.

1Turning Wi-Fi extender On or Off

1. Press the MENU button to display the menu.

2. Press the MENU button to scroll to Wi-Fi extender.

3. Press the button to turn Wi-Fi extender on or off.
Alternatively, you can log in to the E5786 Mobile WiFi’s web management page to enable or disable Wi-Fi extender.
After the Wi-Fi extender function is enabled, up to nine Wi-Fi devices can be connected to the E5786.

2Adding and Connecting a Wi-Fi Hotspot

1. Log in to the web management page by entering in the address box of browser. And then enter the user name and password to log in to the web management page.
2. From the settings page, choose Wi-Fi extender.
3. Scan for Wi-Fi hotspots and connect the E5786 to the desired one.

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