Set up Mac Address Filtering for Huawei E5776

Huawei E5776 LTE router ships with a feature called hardware or MAC address filtering which is turned “off” by the manufacturer by default, because it requires a bit of effort to set up properly. However, to improve the security of your E5776 Wi-Fi network sharing, it is strongly recommend to enable and use the MAC address filtering.

1. Log into the E5776’s web management page.
The default password is admin.
2. Click Settings -> WLAN -> WLAN MAC Filter/
3. At the WLAN MAC filtering window, please fill in a MAC Address, and then select Deny or Allow.
# Deny – disallow device to connect
# Allow – allow device to connect
4. To Disable MAC Filtering select Disable
5. Click Apply to finish the setting.

e5776 wlan mac filter
6. Then a confirmation window will show, click OK to save the setting.
confirm e5776 mac filtering setting

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