Huawei E5776 Appearance: Buttons, Slots and Indicators

Getting know your Huawei E5776 appearance quickly with this guide, including the buttons, screen indicators and slots for E5776 4g mobile Wi-Fi.

E5776 WiFi Appearance

1. SIM card slot: Slot where the SIM card is inserted
2. Reset button: Resets device to factory settings
3. microSD card slot: slot to insert the memory card

4. Power button: Powers the device on or off
5. LCD screen: Main screen of the Mobile WiFi
6. Power indicator
7. Micro USB port: Charger/Connectivity Port to connect to a charger or data cable for PC connection
8. WPS button: WiFi Protected Setup

E5776 Indicators

1. Signal strength: it indicates the signal strength
2. Network type
2G/3G/4G: Connected to a 2G/3G/LTE network.
R: Data roaming turned on.
3. Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi turned on.
Number of connected Wi-Fi devices.
4. Battery: indicates the remaining battery charge available.
5. SMS
New messages.
Number of new messages.
6. Network connection status: Internet connection is set up.
7. Traffic statistics
Data traffic information.
Connection time.
Data traffic information is for your reference only. For more accurate data traffic
information, please consult your service provider.

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