Huawei B890 Quick Setup Wizard

When you go to 4G LTE Huawei B890‘s Web management page at the first time, you will be presented with the opportunity to quickly setup your Smart Hub credentials via the Quick Setup Wizard. After completing the Quick Setup Wizard, you can choose Settings > Quick Setup to access this setup again.

1Access B890’s Web GUI

Launch a web browser, and enter http://huawei.smarthub or in the address bar.

2Login web pagement page

Enter the website password, and log in to the web user interface. The default password is printed on the Wireless Security Sticker located on the bottom of the 4G LTE Smart Hub. You must choose a new password for the web user interface to continue. Once your password has been changed, you will be redirected to the Quick Setup Wizard page shown below.

3The default profile should have 4G High Speed Wireless Back-up user set to No. Connection Channel set to Wireline priority and Network mode set to Auto. Click Next to continue.

If you are a business customer who subscribes to 4G High Speed Wireless Backup please refer to the welcome email you received for your specific setup instructions.

4Configure profile settings

The Profile List should be set to your internet provider’s information, and then click Next to continue.. For example, if you are using Telus network, please set profile List should be set to TELUS ISP, and the Static APN should be defaulted to

5Configure WLAN basic settings in the page

SSID Name: The SSID is the name of your wireless network. Use a unique name to identify your wireless network so that you can easily connect from your wireless clients.

SSID Broadcast: Select Enable to broadcast the SSID of your 4G LTE Smart Hub, or select Disable to hide. If the SSID Broadcast option is disabled, other people will not be able scan and detect your 4G LTE Smart Hub’s SSID.
Click Next to continue.

6Configure WLAN security settings.

Setting a strong wireless security level (such as WPA2-PSK – AES+TKIP) can prevent unauthorized access to your wireless network. Please enter the Security Key that you wish to use, or leave this field unchanged to use the default Security Key.
Click Next to continue.

7Review and confirmation

Review your settings then click Finish to save configuration.

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