Huawei B593 FAQ

Here are some frequent questions you may encounter while using Huawei B593 LTE CPE router.

The power indicator of Huawei B593 is not on.

Check whether the power supply is properly connected.
Check whether the power adapter meets the requirements on specifications.

Calls cannot get through.

Ensure that the telephone is working normally and the telephone line is connected correctly.
Ensure that the CPE B593 works in LTE mode. Otherwise, the VoIP service cannot be used.
Ensure that the VoIP service is correctly configured in the Web-Based Utility.

The Web-Based Utility cannot be accessed.

Ensure that the B593 LTE CPE is started.
Ensure that the network cable between the B593 and the computer is properly connected.
Ensure that the IP address of the computer is correct.

The wireless network cannot be detected.

Check whether the power adapter is correctly connected.
Ensure that the router B593 is placed in open environments and far away from concrete or wooden obstacles.
Keep the CPE away from the household electrical appliances that produce strong electric or magnetic fields, such as micro-wave ovens, refrigerators, or disc satellite antennas.

The power adapter of the B593 CPE is overheated.

Shut down the 4G B593 when it is not used. Otherwise, the CPE may be overheated after running for a long time.
Place the CPE in cool and draughty environments.

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