How to Configure Huawei B593 LTE CPE 4G Router

In order to configure B593 gateway, you should access Web-Based Utility at frist. It is a web browser-based configuration interface that allows easy device setup, configuration and management through Internet browser. Here you can take a detail view about how to do the configuration settings for B593.

Steps to configure B593 gateway

1 Access the configuration GUI

1. From your computer, launch your Web browser. and type in the address bar.
2. Select the Admin radio button and type the Admin password ( At the back of the B593 router, you could see the router’s wesite portal and password), press Enter or click Login.
b593 back

2Do configuration setting with Setup Wizard

1. In the left hand column, click the Setup Wizard. Then click Next.

2. The Wireless and Wireline settings appear. Note: It is recommended to keep the default settings.

3. Click Next and the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) screen appears.
Ensure the WLAN checkbox is selected to enable Wi-Fi on the Smart Hub.
Select the desired working Mode for the Wi-Fi network.
Note: 802.11b/g/n is most compatible with other devices. 802.11n has the greatest range.
Select the Channel. It is recommended to select Auto.
Enter a name for your Wi-Fi network in the SSID field.

4. Click Next and the WLAN Security settings appear.
Select the Security type. WPA2-PSK is recommended.
Enter a network password in the WPA-PSK field.
Select the WPA encryption method. AES is recommended.

5. Click Next and review your settings and click Submit to confirm your configuration.

After these settings, you have fininshed the configuration for B593 LTE.

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