LTE MIFi Alcatel EE40 Review

Alcatel EE40 is one of the LTE CAT4 mobile hotspot from Alcatel family, there are other LTE CAT4 MiFi devices like EE60, Y853, Y854, Y855, Y858 and more. It was award the one of the most wanted mobile broadband portable router in 2016. However, many people don’t know much about this LTE MiFi, here we will have a review of EE40 for you.

Unbox Alcatel EE40
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Huawei B715s-23c LTE CPE Review

Since Huawei launched the B715s-23c router in Europe, some internet providers in Europe like Poland and Latvia have introduced this router to their customers. It is the first LTE CAT9 CPE wireless gateway from Huawei with up to 450 Mbit / s in the downlink. It provides four RJ45 Gigabit LAN ports and a USB port, as well as an integrated phone function with RJ11 connector. Thus, it would be a direct successor to the popular router Huawei B525 router.

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Huawei E5787 VS. Netgear Aircard 810s

As both of the Huawei E5787 and Aircard 810s are in the similar price, most people would be confused in choosing a LTE mobile hotspot cause most of us don’t know much about the technology. Price is close, the decision will mainly depends on the features of the product. Now, let’s do a detailed comparison about the E5787 and 810S and you will know the difference between them easily.
Both of the E5787 and Aircard 810s are equipped with a 2.4 inches touch screen which provide an easy for users to configure the setting by touching the screen without logging on the WEBGUI.
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Test: Netgear Nighthawk M1 MR1100

TEST: Do you want Wi-Fi in your car, bag or in the hotel room so check out the Netgear Nighthawk M1. It is a good device for fast internet without cables. If you want “portable battery-powered mobile broadband”, take this into account.
Compared with a fixed installation of mobile broadband, the Netgear Nighthawk M1 MR1100 is far more an all-round product. For example, you can put a SIM card and bring this mobile router on the journey. You will have mobile Internet everywhere you go..

Data Transfer
After testing we got very nice speeds from this M1 router. At indoors it could deliver up to 70-80 mbit / s download and about 60 mbit / s upload. In generally, the speed depends on many factors. Among other things, the damping of the signal from windows, buildings and other obstacles. You are also limited by the load on the mobile masts, which are used by the router.
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Huawei B529 VS Huawei B525

Huawei B529 (HomeNet Box) and Huawei B525 are two available LTE mobile routers on T-mobile site. As the model number are so close, many T-mobile users are really confused about which one to choose, B529 or B525, like the following:
I will take internet from T-mobile and I have two HUAWEI B525 and HUAWEI B529 routers to choose from. For B525 I have to pay PLN 49 for the start, and for B529 199. Is there any point in taking the more expensive one? Generally, 3 devices (2 computers and a tablet) will be connected to the router. I care about low pings because sometimes it happens to me to play some games — Count Dracula
T-Mobile which router? B525 or B529?
Hi, what router should I choose from a home network of 60MB from tmobile? Which one will be better? In the attachment information about the nearest BTS. I do not know about this, therefore, particulars. — NDhc
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Netgear Nighthawk M1 VS. Aircard 810

Netgear is always launching with great mobile hotspot. The most latest mobile WLAN hotspots are Nighthawk M1 and the AirCard 810 which are very fast LTE modem. The AirCard 810 Hotspot can support download speed up to 600 MBit / s, and the Nighthawk M1 can even reach up to 1 GBit / s in the downlink. Apparently, the Nighthawk M1 is better than Aircard 810 at the speed aspect. However, the AirCard 810 hotspot also has its advantages, as this comparison shows.

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Huawei B529s LTE Router Review

The Huawei B529s-23a is a new LTE CAT.6 router that is exclusively available on T-Mobile networks under the name of HomeNet Box. As a successor of Huawei E5180 and E5170, it is distinguished not only by the speed of data transfer, but also by its smart appearance.

Quick View of Huawei B529
AS a Wi-Fi LTE cube, Huawei B529 allows you to connect to the LTE network at speeds up to 300Mbit / s and upload speeds up to 50Mbit / s. This means that using the network, regardless of the intensity and type of material being viewed, is very fast and convenient. Even when using multiple devices at the same time, you can browse the Internet or transfer data without losing the connection.

The great advantage of the B529s router is its smart appearance, which makes the device fits perfectly into a modern interior. At the front side, there are 4 indicators and one power button. After powering on, you could know about the status of your router by view the color of the indicators (Mode, LAN, Wi-Fi, and power). At the back side, there are two slots for external antenna, a LAN port, a roam button, and a slot for inserting the power adapter.

Advantage of B529s-23a
*  2 external antenna connectors
There are two slots for inserting external antennas with TS9 connector. Thanks to this, each antenna can be set in a different direction and improve the signal quality, and hence – the speed and stability of the connection.
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Netgear Nighthawk M1 VS Huawei E5788 Mobile Wi-Fi Prime

As the industry’s first 1Gbps 4G LTE portable router, Netgear Nighthawk M1 mobile router is powered by Qualcomm’s X16 LTE modem with 4×4 MIMO. It causes heightened concerns for many Gadgets lovers. Now, Huawei releases another 1Gbps Mobile Wi-Fi, Huawei E5788 Mobile WiFi Prime, which is carried with Qualcomm MDM9250 chipest with LTE Cat16 standard, with the best LTE capability 4x4MIMO,4CC(Carrier aggregation) and 256QAM. Both are the 1Gbps device, is there any difference? Sure, look at the following details.
Huawei E5788 is in the style of slim ID design with the dimensions of 129*65*13.5mm. And there are also two colors for choosing, blue and golden. It is easy to take around you. For the Nighthawk M1, it is with 105.5 × 105.5 × 20.35 mm, it is in bigger size than the E5788 with a 2.4″ display. It is equipped with 1 GE Ethernet port, 2 ×TS-9 connectors and one MicroSD slot.
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Huawei E5788 Mobile WiFi Prime Review

Finally, Huawei released their 1Gbps mobile Wi-Fi hotspot Huawei E5788 which is definitely a great gadget for mobile users after Netgear Nightawk M1 MR1100. Equipped with Qualcomm MDM9250 chipset, it is integrated with many new technologies that you couldn’t find in the previous Huawei mobile routers and also M1. Let’s view the following highlights.

Slim ID design, 2.4 inch touch screen
With a size of 129*65*13.5mm, the E5788 is in the style of slim ID design which weighs about 140g. It is very portable for carrying anywhere in your pocket. The 2.4 inch colorful touch screen lets you configure and manage the device simply. It also gives you more details to monitor its performance/data usage.
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Netgear Nighthawk M1 MR1100 Review

The world’s first Gigabit LTE device Netgear Nighthawk M1 is now available at Store4G.
Easy to set-up great battery life
Connect up to 20 devices
Great battery life
Potential for super-fast download speed
Expensive for a hotspot
speeds not close to 1Gbps

What is Netgear MR1100?
Equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 LTE chipset, the Netgear MR1100 is the first Gigabit LTE mobile hotspot to achieve download speeds of 1Gbps over a 4G network. Support for Category 16 LTE Advanced, 4X4 MIMO and 4-band Carrier Aggregation (700Mhz, 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 2100Mhz, 2600Mhz), Nighthawk M1 can serve as a media hub for streaming and playing multimedia entertainment.

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