Huawei E8278 Wingle PIN Management Settings

You could enter into 4G mobile internet by inserting SIM card to Huawei E8278 4G LTE Wi-Fi dongle. Its PIN management features provide PIN security settings to prevent unauthorized use of the SIM, USIM, or UIM card. You will know how to turn on or turn of the PIN verification and change the PIN after viewing this article.

1Turning On or Off PIN Verification

If PIN verification is turned on, you need to enter the PIN only when the Huawei E8278 Mobile WiFi is turned on. If PIN verification is turned off, no PIN is required.
huawei e8278 pin settings
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Huawei E8278 MicroSD Card Sharing Over Network

The Huawei E8278 LTE Mobile WiFi at our site is totally unlocked that could make the microSD card sharing available for all connected Wi-Fi clients. Here are two ways for you enter the SD card sharing management page.
One is click
the More -> Sharing button under the Web management page.
The other way is click the View SD Files button at the home page of the E8278 web management system page.

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How to Enable Mac Address Filtering on Huawei E8278 WiFi

The unlocked Huawei E8278 WiFi dongle ship with the MAC address filtering feature. It is normally turned “off” by the manufacturer, because it requires a bit of effort to set up properly. However, to improve the security of your Wi-Fi LAN (WLAN), we strongly reccommend you to consider enabling and using MAC address filtering. Here we will show you how to enable MAC address filtering on Huawei E8278 4G Wingle.

1. Choose Settings > WLAN > WLAN MAC Filter.

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Huawei E8278 WiFi Dongle – Connect Internet via WLAN

As a fastest LTE WiFi dongle, Huawei E8278s Wingle enables 10 Wi-Fi users and 1 user via USB to access into the 4G mobile network. Just plug into a power adapter or car charger, users could get the 4G WiFi signal while on the go. Let’s view the guide about how to connect the 4G network via WLAN with the Huawei E8278 dongle.

Connecting Clients to the E8278 Mobile WiFi over a WLAN

After WLAN is enabled on the Mobile WiFi, clients can connect to the Mobile WiFi and access the Internet using it.