Huawei E3276 Appearance Overview – Get to Know Your E3276 Modem

Getting know your Huawei E3276 appearance, including the buttons, indicators, and slots for E3276 4g device.

huawei e3276 appearance

1Rotatable USB Connector

Connect the Huawei E3276 USB Stick to a PC via the USB connector.
rotate e3276 usb connector


Press the button to turn over the USB connector, as shown in the following figure.

huawei e3276 buttons

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Configure Huawei E3276 Network Settings

This tutorial will show you how to set the network settings for Huawei E3276 4G modem, including the network type setting and registration modem settings.

1E3276 Network Type Setting

Select the network type of the network service provider when searching for its network, so that you can find the network and log in to it rapidly.
1. Choose Tools > Options > Network.
2. Click the Network Type tab.
3. Select the corresponding network type in the Network Type drop-down list box.
4. Click Apply.
5. Click OK to save and validate the settings.

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Huawei E3276 FAQ

When you are using Huawei E3276 modem, you would be encounter some problems, here are the frequently asked questions and the corresponding solutions are provided.

1Why the Internet Cannot Be Accessed?

1. Ensure that you are in the service area covered by the network signals.
2. Ensure that you have activated the wireless network-accessing service.
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Manage Huawei E3276 Dial-up Connection Profile

Huawei E3276 enables you to manage the connection profiles by saving the connection parameters of different networks. The following 3 parts guide will show you how to add connection profile, edit connection profile and delete connection profile for your Huawei E3276 4G mobile modem.

1Create New Dial-up Connection Profile

Here are the procedure for you to create new dial-up connection profile for E3276 modem.

Choose Tools > Options > Profile Management.
2. Click New and set each parameter.
3. Click OK to display the Prompt dialog box.
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