How to Update Huawei B890 LTE Smart Hub Firmware

When you download the latest firmware and software for your Huawei B890 router, it is recommend to update the B890 firmware to keep your B890 LTE Smart Hub running efficiently and smoothly.

Steps to upgrade Huawei B890 firmware and software

1. Connect the power on your Huawei 4G LTE Smart Hub and power it ON.
2. Connect your computer to the LAN (Local Area Network) port on the Smart Hub.
3. On your computer, open your Web browser and type in the address bar and press Enter.
Default login details: (Username: admin – Password: admin)
4. Click Maintenance.
5. Click Update.
6. Click Check for Updates.

If a new version is found, click Update Now to start the online upgrade. A progress bar is displayed to show the upgrade progress. Please wait and do not power off the Huawei B890 4G LTE Smart Hub.

7. Follow the Installation instructions to update your firmware and software.

Wait for a while, your 4G CPE router B890 Smart Hub would be updated. Once the update is completed all customized settings will be reset to the factory defaults and allows the new features and fixes to take effect.

How to Set up Phone Connection for Huawei B890

Huawei B890 4G LTE smart Hub has the telephone port to support voice over funtions. Follow these simple steps to connect a Phone to your B890.

1 For voice calls, connect a standard telephone to the Telephone Port using a RJ-11 cable (you will require a voice plan in addition to a data plan to use this feature).

Important Notice:
If the B890 4G LTE Smart Hub is to be connected to the existing wall outlet telephone wiring the existing wiring MUST first be disconnected from any outside landline telephone network. Not disconnecting from any outside landline telephone network will cause excessive heat or even damage the Smart Hub.

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How to Set up Internet Connection for Huawei B890

After setting up your Huawei B890 router, it is time to set up an internet connection with your Huawei B890 router to connect your devices (computer, laptop, tablet, etc.) to the mobile Internet. You are able to connect to the Internet via a wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. Follow the instructions below to set up your connection of choice.

1.Wired connection with B890

1. Connect the Yellow Ethernet cable provided to one of the 3 LAN ports and connect the other end to your computer. (Note:
Do not connect the Yellow Ethernet cable to the WAN port that is closest to the right hand side of the device.)

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How to Set up Huawei B890 4G Router

If you are searching for a guide to set up your Huawei B890 4G LTE smart hub, please follow the following simple steps to setup it. In order to ensure to receive a strong signal, please view the 2 tips for you at first.
Tip 1: Place the 4G LTE Smart Hub at an indoor open area or close to a window if possible. Obstructions such as concrete or wooden walls may affect the transmission of wireless signals.
Tip 2: Keep the 4G LTE CPE router away from the household electrical appliances that produce strong electric or magnetic fields, such as microwaves, refrigerators, or satellite dish antennas.
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How to Restore Fatory Setting for Huawei B890

If you are uncertain of which settings you have configured or changed, you can restore the factory default settings of the B890 4G LTE Smart Hub, and then reconfigure.

To restore the factory defaults, use a sharp-pointed object to press and hold the RESET button until the signal indicators on the B890 4G LTE Smart Hub blinks.
After the factory default settings are restored, the B890 4G LTE Smart Hub will restart automatically.

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Huawei B890 Quick Setup Wizard

When you go to 4G LTE Huawei B890‘s Web management page at the first time, you will be presented with the opportunity to quickly setup your Smart Hub credentials via the Quick Setup Wizard. After completing the Quick Setup Wizard, you can choose Settings > Quick Setup to access this setup again.

1Access B890’s Web GUI

Launch a web browser, and enter http://huawei.smarthub or in the address bar.

2Login web pagement page

Enter the website password, and log in to the web user interface. The default password is printed on the Wireless Security Sticker located on the bottom of the 4G LTE Smart Hub. You must choose a new password for the web user interface to continue. Once your password has been changed, you will be redirected to the Quick Setup Wizard page shown below.

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How to Forward Calls for your Phone with Huawei B890

The 4G LTE Smart Hub Huawei B890 offers the ability to make calls via your wireless service. Please familiarize yourself with the Smart Hub’s calling forwarding features below.

Forwarding a Call

1Forward All Incoming Calls

If you forward all the incoming calls, all your incoming calls will be forwarded to another number.

To activate:
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