Solution for Huawei B593 WiFi Connectivity Problems

Some Huawei B593 LTE Router users may experience poor Wi-Fi™ performance problem, or cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network with B593, try the following solutions for you.

1Ping your B593 hub

You can use a ping tool to check for response times and the reliability of the connection to the B593. This can help identify connection issues between your computer and the B593. Use the one of the following procedures.

  • Windows XP:
    1. Click Start -> Accessories -> Command Prompt
    2. Type ping and press the Enter key. Your computer executes a ping test and displays the results.
  • Windows Vista/7
    1. Click Start -> Accessories -> Right-click Command Prompt.
    2. Select Run as Administrator.
    3. The command prompt window appears. Type ping and press the Enter key. Your computer executes a ping test and displays the results.
  • Mac OS X
    1. From the taskbar, click Go.
    2. Click Utilities -> Network Utilit -> Ping tab
    3. Type, click Ping. Then your computer executes a ping test and displays the results.

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How to Send and Read Text Message with B593

The unlocked Huawei B593 LTE hub enables user to send and read text message with ease. The following steps are tell you how to do it with B593.

Send Text Message with B593

1. Launch your web browser.
2. Type in the address bar and press the Enter key.
3. The Web user interface screen of CPE B893 displays. Log in using the Admin account. Typically, the password is admin unless you have changed it.
4. In the left column, select SMS.
5. Type recipient’s phone number in the Phone number field.
6. Type your text message in the Content field.
7. Click Send.
8. Click OK. Then your have sent the text message to the recipient.

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Huawei B593 Exterior, Indicator & Ports Overview

Here you will get know the details about Huawei LTE B593 exterior, indicator and ports. That will help you use your B593 router more quickly and smoothly.

Huawei B593 Exterior

Let’s learn the router from front, sides and back. In the front of the router, there are 6 types of indicators:

1.POWER indicator; 2. WLAN indicator; 3. WPS indicator;4. TEL indicator, 5. MODE indicator, 6. SIGNAL indicator

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Huawei B593 FAQ

Here are some frequent questions you may encounter while using Huawei B593 LTE CPE router.

The power indicator of Huawei B593 is not on.

Check whether the power supply is properly connected.
Check whether the power adapter meets the requirements on specifications.

Calls cannot get through.

Ensure that the telephone is working normally and the telephone line is connected correctly.
Ensure that the CPE B593 works in LTE mode. Otherwise, the VoIP service cannot be used.
Ensure that the VoIP service is correctly configured in the Web-Based Utility.
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How to Configure Huawei B593 LTE CPE 4G Router

In order to configure B593 gateway, you should access Web-Based Utility at frist. It is a web browser-based configuration interface that allows easy device setup, configuration and management through Internet browser. Here you can take a detail view about how to do the configuration settings for B593.

Steps to configure B593 gateway

1 Access the configuration GUI

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