LCD Screen Display and Use Screen – Aircard 782S Hotspot

The unlocked netgear Aircard 782S mobile hotspot enables you to create a Wi-Fi access point anywhere. The color touchscreen interface lets you manage your hotspot settings, data

1Aircard 782S screen display

The touchable screen of Aircard 782S provides you a lot of useful and intuitive information. Take a look at the screenshot of the 782s touchscreen.

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Aircard 782S Set Number of Devices for Main and Secondary WiFi Network

From last tutorial we introduce you how to a wireless device to Aircard 782S hotspot mobile network. Now in this tutorial we will show you how to set numbers of connected wireless device for main Wi-Fi network and secondary network of Aircard 782S. The mobile Wi-Fi Aircard 782s has most powerful features than other 4G routers. It allows user to set up an additional Wi-Fi network if you would like to use dual band 5Ghz compatible device with the hotspot, and/or for a separte guest network.

1Set Wi-Fi device numbers on LCD touchscreen

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Netgear Aircard 782S Hotspot GPS Settings

To those who are using unlocked Netgear Aircard 782s mobile hotspot with GPS functionality, it is a waste of advantage for 782 users if they don’t fully utilize this functionality. Here is the guide about how to use your GPS module in 82s router.

1Enable / disable GPS

Before you can use the GPS feature of 782s 4G hotspot, you must enable GPS at first. Here is the guide for you:
On the LCD screen:
1. From the home screen, tap Settings > GPS.
2. Tap On (or Off to disable GPS).
On the Homepage:
1. On the Homepage, log in as Administrator.
2. Click GPS.
3. In the GPS Settings section, select Yes next to “Enable GPS” (or select No to disable

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How to Block/ Unblock Wi-Fi Device from Aircard 782S Network

Netgear Aircard 782S mobile hotspot could allow up to 15 Wi-Fi device into the mobile internet. You could view all the connected Wi-Fi device from the 782S router and block desired devices with ease. Here are the steps for you about how to block Wi-Fi devices with 782S.

Please note that when you block or unblock users, the hotspot resets to activate the new settings. Any devices connected to the hotspot will be disconnected when the hotspot resets.

1Block/unblock from the LCD touchscreen

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How to Extend Battery Life for Aircard 782S

Netgear Aircard 782S mobile hotspot is configured to optimize battery life by default. Battery life is affected by standby time, data throughput, signal strength (the better the signal, the longer the battery life), Wi-Fi range, display setting and GPS. We cannot change the standby time, data throughtput, and singnal strenght, however, we could set the wi-Fi range, display settings, and GPS mode to extend the battery life. Here are the guide for you to do the setting on the LCD screen of your 782S router.

1Adjust Wi-Fi settings

• Shorten the Wi-Fi range — If the devices you are connecting to your Wi-Fi
network are always close to the mobile hotspot device, shorten the Wi-Fi range.
• Set the standby timer to a shorter period — Reduce the amount of time to wait
when no devices are connected to either Wi-Fi network before going into
standby mode (Wi-Fi radio turns off).

1. On the home screen, tap Wi-Fi > Options.

2. Adjust any of these settings:
• Wi-Fi Range — Tap Wi-Fi Range, then select Short (best battery life).
• USB Tether — If you are tethering your hotspot to your device and don’t want to
use Wi-Fi for other devices, tap USB Tether, then select Wi-Fi stays Off.

3. On the home screen, tap Settings > Sleep, then select a shorter time period. (The
shorter the time, the longer the battery life.)

2Adjust display settings

1. On the home screen, tap Settings > Display.

2. Decrease the screen brightness — Tap Screen Brightness, then select Dim.
3. Turn off the status LED — Tap LED, then select Off. (The status LED will only light
up when the device is downloading or installing a sofware update.)
4. Set the screen to timeout (turn off) more quickly — Tap Screen Timeout, then tap
and set shorter time periods for: timeout on battery, timeout on Charger, and timeout on USB

3Set GPS mode

The GPS mode indicates how frequently location fixes are done, the GPS service must be enabled before you can set the GPS mode.

1. From the home screen, tap Settings > GPS.
2. On the second page, tap GPS Mode.
3. Select the desired mode (One-time or Continuous).

How to Connect Wireless Device to Aircard 782S Wi-Fi Network

Netgear Aircard 782S mobile hotspot is powerful 4G device for you to connect up to 15 wireless devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, printers, gaming consoles, and digital picture frames to your hotspot network. It provides two way for you to connect your wireless device to Aircard 782S mobile network: adding a wireless device to your Wi-Fi network manually, or adding a WPS-enabled device with WPS method without using the Wi-Fi password.

1Add a Wireless Device Manually with Password

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