How to Establish Connection to E589 WiFi Network on MAC OS X 10

At the last article, we showed you how to establish connection to wireless network with Huawei E589 router on Window 7. In this guide, we will tell Mac users how to do this setting on Mac OS X10 for Huawei E589 router.

Steps to Set Network Connection On Mac

1Enter into available wireless networks window

On your Mac PC or laptop, click the Apple icon. And then click System Preferences…. -> Network -> Aiport.

Click the Network Name: dropdown box.

Available wireless networks will now be displayed. Click Next to continue.

2 Get the Wireless network name

If the wireless network name does not appear on your PC or laptop’s list of wireless networks, check on the Huawei E589 to see if WiFi is displayed on the screen. If not, press and hold the Power/WiFi button for a few seconds. The WiFi icon will appear on the screen. Click Next to continue

If the wireless network is still not displayed on the PC or laptop’s list of available networks, press and hold the WPS button for 10 seconds. The Mobile WiFi device will then broadcast its wireless network signal. Click Next to continue.

3Connet to mobile wireless network

The WiFi icon will appear on the screen. Click Next to continue.

On your PC or laptop, click the wireless network (e.g. My Broadband-A9E6) when it appears.

Enter the WiFi key, then click OK.
Once a connection to the network has been made, click the red icon in the top left corner to close the window.
Click the wireless network icon in the top bar on the right hand side.
The Mobile WiFi connection will display a tick indicating that you are connected to the network.

A connection to the LTE router E589 Mobile WiFi’s wireless network has now been established.

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