Assemble Your Huawei E589: SIM Card & SD Card

Installation guide to assemble SIM card and SD card for your Huawei E589 MiFi device. It is easy to do this in minutes.

Installing SIM Card

The SIM card slot is located on the right hand side of the handset. One thing you should note: please do not use any SIM card that is not standard or is incompatible with the Mobile WiFi. Otherwise, the Mobile WiFi E589 may be damaged.

1Open the SIM card slot cover

open sim card slot

2Insert the SIM card

Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot, with the notched corner inserted first and the chip facing upwards.

insert sim card to e589

3Finish installing SIM card

Push the SIM card in until it clicks. And then close the SIM card slot cover.

Installing Memory Card

The memory card slot is located on the left hand side of the E589 handset. Turn the handset around.

1Open the memory card slot cover

insert memory card to E589

2Insert the SD card

Insert the memory SD card into the memory card slot.

3Finish installing SD card

Push the MicroSD card in until it clicks. And then close the memory card slot cover.

Notes: If you want to remove the microSD or SIM card, please press in the card gently. The microSD or SIM card
will pop out for removal.
If the card is in use, please do not remove the microSD or SIM card. Otherwise, the card as well as your E589 Mobile WiFi 4G router may get damaged and the data stored on the card may be corrupted.

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