LCD Screen Display and Use Screen – Aircard 782S Hotspot

The unlocked netgear Aircard 782S mobile hotspot enables you to create a Wi-Fi access point anywhere. The color touchscreen interface lets you manage your hotspot settings, data

1Aircard 782S screen display

The touchable screen of Aircard 782S provides you a lot of useful and intuitive information. Take a look at the screenshot of the 782s touchscreen.

From the above image, you could just take a accurate view of what info it displays. It displays:
Wi-Fi name and password
• Network signal icons
• Data usage details
• Wi-Fi details (Wi-Fi network management — Main / Guest Wi-Fi and Dual-Band
Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi range, connected devices, etc.)
• Device settings (screen brightness, software updates, view wireless number, etc.)
• System alerts
• Network provider messages
• Device tutorial

2Aircard 782S screen operations

You could use the touchscreen to:
• Personalize the hotspot and change basic settings — Use the homescreen Settings
and Wi-Fi options.
Just by clicking the Wi-Fi icon, you could configure basic Wi-Fi settings.

• Charge another device’s battery — Use the Jump Boost feature.

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