How to Extend Battery Life for Aircard 782S

Netgear Aircard 782S mobile hotspot is configured to optimize battery life by default. Battery life is affected by standby time, data throughput, signal strength (the better the signal, the longer the battery life), Wi-Fi range, display setting and GPS. We cannot change the standby time, data throughtput, and singnal strenght, however, we could set the wi-Fi range, display settings, and GPS mode to extend the battery life. Here are the guide for you to do the setting on the LCD screen of your 782S router.

1Adjust Wi-Fi settings

• Shorten the Wi-Fi range — If the devices you are connecting to your Wi-Fi
network are always close to the mobile hotspot device, shorten the Wi-Fi range.
• Set the standby timer to a shorter period — Reduce the amount of time to wait
when no devices are connected to either Wi-Fi network before going into
standby mode (Wi-Fi radio turns off).

1. On the home screen, tap Wi-Fi > Options.

2. Adjust any of these settings:
• Wi-Fi Range — Tap Wi-Fi Range, then select Short (best battery life).
• USB Tether — If you are tethering your hotspot to your device and don’t want to
use Wi-Fi for other devices, tap USB Tether, then select Wi-Fi stays Off.

3. On the home screen, tap Settings > Sleep, then select a shorter time period. (The
shorter the time, the longer the battery life.)

2Adjust display settings

1. On the home screen, tap Settings > Display.

2. Decrease the screen brightness — Tap Screen Brightness, then select Dim.
3. Turn off the status LED — Tap LED, then select Off. (The status LED will only light
up when the device is downloading or installing a sofware update.)
4. Set the screen to timeout (turn off) more quickly — Tap Screen Timeout, then tap
and set shorter time periods for: timeout on battery, timeout on Charger, and timeout on USB

3Set GPS mode

The GPS mode indicates how frequently location fixes are done, the GPS service must be enabled before you can set the GPS mode.

1. From the home screen, tap Settings > GPS.
2. On the second page, tap GPS Mode.
3. Select the desired mode (One-time or Continuous).

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