How to Block/ Unblock Wi-Fi Device from Aircard 782S Network

Netgear Aircard 782S mobile hotspot could allow up to 15 Wi-Fi device into the mobile internet. You could view all the connected Wi-Fi device from the 782S router and block desired devices with ease. Here are the steps for you about how to block Wi-Fi devices with 782S.

Please note that when you block or unblock users, the hotspot resets to activate the new settings. Any devices connected to the hotspot will be disconnected when the hotspot resets.

1Block/unblock from the LCD touchscreen

Block Wi-Fi device:

1. From the home screen, tap Devices. A list of devices connected to the Main Wi-Fi
and Secondary Wi-Fi networks appears.

2. Tap the device name.

3. Tap Block Device.

4. Tap Continue Block.

Unblock Wi-Fi device:
1. From the home screen, tap Wi-Fi > Block List.

2. Tap View Blocked Devices. A list of blocked devices appears. (Note: The View
Blocked Devices button appears and is active only if the block list is turned on.)

3. Tap the device you want to unblock.

4. Tap Unblock.

2Block/unblock from the 782S WebGUI

Block a WiFi device:

1. Log in as Administrator to the 782S WebGUI. You will view the list of Devices Connected to the Main Wi-Fi and Guest Wi-Fi networks appears in the left column of the screen.

2. Click the device name you want to block. The device details appear.
2. Click Block Device.
3. When prompted, click Block Device again.
Unlock a WiFi device:
To unblock a device, giving it access to your network:
1. From the Homepage, click Wi-Fi > Mac Filter. The Black List shows all blocked
devices. (Note: The Black List appears and is active only if MAC Filter Mode is set to
Black List.)
2. Click the delete icon beside the device you want to unblock.

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