45 Highlights: 2018 FIFA World Cup

1. Iceland & Panama enter the World Cup for the first time. The first team to participate in the group stage for the first time is Slovakia in 2010.

2.  Since 1986 (including 1986), the team that won the world championship has always won the first place in the group stage.
3. All host teams can score the second round except South Africa. 30% of the hosts eventually won the championship, the last time was France in 1998. (It is difficult for Russia to the second round)
4. All previous World Cups have been won by European or South American teams.
5. Both recent defending champions were eliminated in the group stage: Italy in 2010 and Spain in 2014.
6. Among the teams that failed to win the championship, Mexico was the most frequent player in the finals (16).
7. The only team that has 0 goals allowed in a single World Cup is Switzerland. In 2006, they didn’t lose the possession of the ball in 4 games.
8. Of the 62 games that England played in the history of the World Cup, 11 games ended with 0 to 0, more than any other teams.
9. Peru will be the team with the longest absence at the FIFA since they had participated in the first World Cup at1982.
10. Among the active players, Thomas Muller scored the most (10 goals) in the World Cup. It is still 6 goals less than Klose, who scored the most in the history of the World Cup (16 balls).
11. Thomas Müller keep the assist record for 6 time as an active player World Cups, which is only less than Maradona (8), Lato and Litbalski (7) since 1966.

12. Klose, Pelé and Uwe Schiller have all scored in four World Cups; the only chance to tie the record in Russia is Tim Cahill, Raphael Marks, C. Ronaldo and Villa.
13. Mexican goalkeeper Antonio Carvajal and German midfielder Mateus have played in 5 World Cups, more than any other players, and only Raphael Marks has the opportunity to contend with this achievement in Russia.

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14. In each World Cup, the champions and the team are from the same country.
15. Uruguay coach Oscar Tavares will lead the team to the World Cup for the fourth time (in the World Cup, his performance is 6 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses), more than any other coaches.
16. The hosts of this FIFA have never past the group stage before (1994, 2002, 2014), and they are always ranked 3rd.
17. In this World Cup qualifier, Germany is the only European team to win the team. The goal difference is also the highest (39 goals).
18. Roberto Martínez will lead the team in the World Cup for the first time. He is also the first foreign coach with a Belgium Tournament since the Scottish coach Doug Livingstone in the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland.
19. In the latest 24 World Cup matches, Sweden only sealed opponents three times.
20. Switzerland had never passed the test of the second round since 1954, when they reached the final eight of the World Cup when they were the host.
21. In the last eight World Cup matches, Poland lost six times, and all the losing games failed to score, they lost the ball in all eight games.
22. In the last three World Cups, Croatia suffered a defeat in its first match, and the recent two games they lost to Brazil.
23. Denmark’s 27 goals scored in the World Cup were all shot in the penalty zone.
24. Iceland is the least populated country in the history of the World Cup. The population of the country is only 334,000.

25. In this session of South America, only Bolivia scored fewer goals (18 goals) than Argentina (19 goals)…..
26, Cavani is the number one shooter in this session of the South American preliminaries, he scored 10 goals for Uruguay.
27. Mexico was eliminated in the 1/8 final in the last six World Cups. They only lost 2 in the last 17 group matches.
28. Tunisia won the first World Cup match in the history of the team (June 2, 1978, 3 to 1 over Mexico), but they did not win in the next 11 games (4 draws and 7 losses). Bulgaria maintained its failure record in the World Cup. From 1962 to 1994, they lost 17 consecutive games.
29. In this session of the World Cup African Division, Salah was the top scorer. Among Egypt’s eight goals, he contributed 5 goals.
30. As the head coach, Aliou Sisse will lead the Senegal team for the second time. The last time it was in the 2017 African Cup.
31. Of the last 8 goals scored by South Korea in the World Cup, 5 goals were shot from outside the penalty zone. Of the 13 most recent goals, 12 were from the second half of the game.
32. Japan only won the first name of the group in the history of the World Cup: when it was the host in 2002.
33. Of Australia’s 11 goals scored in the World Cup, Tim Cahill arranged 5 goals (45%). In the last three World Cups, nine players scored goals every time. He is one of them.
34. In the history of the team, Iran made its first consecutive two World Cups qualify for the finals. Their group stage has never past before. The only victory was the 2-1 defeat of the United States in 1998.
35. Spain has not ended a draw in the last 14 World Cup matches.
36. Portugal has only lost one of the last nine World Cup group matches (0 to 4 negative in 2014 in Germany), and the other 8 games have 5 wins and 3 draws.
37. In the last four World Cup matches that Croatia has participated in, there have been five red cards (3 in Croatia and 2 in opponents).
38. Uruguay became the first World Cup champion in history in 1930. After World War II, the tournament reopened in 1950 and they won the championship again. However, in the last 6 entries, they only broke the top 16 in one round.
39. Colombia’s recent 18 World Cup matches did not end with 0-0. In this statistics, only the United States (33 games) and Austria (29 games) have more than their number of games.
40. Of the 12 goals scored by Morocco in the World Cup, none came from the stationary ball.
41. This will be the first time that Lopetji will participate in the World Cup as the head coach. His previous World Cup experience was the third goalkeeper of the 1994 World Cup in Spain, but he did not play.
42. France has played the World Cup for the past 9 times. It has only won the group’s top title two times (1998 and 2014). In the last 12 group games, they only won 3 times (another 5 draws and 4 losses), defeating Togo, Honduras and Switzerland.
43. This will be the first time that Southgate has participated in the competition as the head coach. In 1998 he played as a defender and played two World Cup matches for England.

44, Loew is as the German coach to participate in the FIFA for the sixth time. At each time they can reach the semi-finals (2008 European Cup runner-up, 2010 World Cup third South Africa, 2012 European Cup semi-finals, 2014 Brazil World Cup Champions, European Cup Finals 2016).
45. Belgium’s recent eight goals in the World Cup have appeared after the 70th minute of the game.

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