Netgear Nighthawk M1 VS Huawei E5788 Mobile Wi-Fi Prime

As the industry’s first 1Gbps 4G LTE portable router, Netgear Nighthawk M1 mobile router is powered by Qualcomm’s X16 LTE modem with 4×4 MIMO. It causes heightened concerns for many Gadgets lovers. Now, Huawei releases another 1Gbps Mobile Wi-Fi, Huawei E5788 Mobile WiFi Prime, which is carried with Qualcomm MDM9250 chipest with LTE Cat16 standard, with the best LTE capability 4x4MIMO,4CC(Carrier aggregation) and 256QAM. Both are the 1Gbps device, is there any difference? Sure, look at the following details.
Huawei E5788 is in the style of slim ID design with the dimensions of 129*65*13.5mm. And there are also two colors for choosing, blue and golden. It is easy to take around you. For the Nighthawk M1, it is with 105.5 × 105.5 × 20.35 mm, it is in bigger size than the E5788 with a 2.4″ display. It is equipped with 1 GE Ethernet port, 2 ×TS-9 connectors and one MicroSD slot.
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Huawei E5788 Mobile WiFi Prime Review

Finally, Huawei released their 1Gbps mobile Wi-Fi hotspot Huawei E5788 which is definitely a great gadget for mobile users after Netgear Nightawk M1 MR1100. Equipped with Qualcomm MDM9250 chipset, it is integrated with many new technologies that you couldn’t find in the previous Huawei mobile routers and also M1. Let’s view the following highlights.

Slim ID design, 2.4 inch touch screen
With a size of 129*65*13.5mm, the E5788 is in the style of slim ID design which weighs about 140g. It is very portable for carrying anywhere in your pocket. The 2.4 inch colorful touch screen lets you configure and manage the device simply. It also gives you more details to monitor its performance/data usage.
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