Supporting the next-generation LTE-Advanced CAT6 network, Huawei E5786 is the world’s fastest MiFi or mobile Wi-Fi. Upgrade based on the Huawei E5776 LTE router, it adds more functions than it. The operation is different with the E5776. Take getting the SSID and encryption key for example, simply by pressing the WPS button twice, you would view the info in the screen. However, there is no WPS button at the body of the E5786, and you cannot do the same operation as the E5776. Here we will show you how to do it.

1Get the Info from the body of E5786 device

If you haven’t modified the default SSID and key, the default SSID and encryption key are printed on the Mobile WiFi label which is located at the back of the E5786.

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Huawei E5786 MiFi has a built-in, non-removable 3,000mAh battery which can last for more than 10 hours on a single charge. It also doubles as a battery bank which you can use to charge other mobile devices.

Ways to Charge E5786 Battery

If the E5786 router has not been used for a long time or if the battery is fully depleted, you may not power on the E5786 immediately after the charger is plugged in. Please charge the
battery for a while before attempting to power on
the E5786.

1Use the charger to charge the E5786

Simply by connecting the E5786 mobile router to the adapter charger and then plug it in to socket, it would start the charging status automatically.
Note: Only use chargers compatible with the E5786 and provided by a designated manufacturer. Use of an incompatible charger or one from an unknown manufacturer may cause the E5786 to malfunction, fail, or could even cause a fire.

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Huawe Mobile WiFi APP is a useful Huawei network connecting devices management software. It helps you manage your Huawei E5786 Mobile WiFi device anytime and anywhere. With it, you can view the data usage, battery life, SD card memory, device managment and other settings from the convenience of your Android devices.

Download the Mobile Wi-Fi APP from Google Play or Huawei App Center

The easist way to download the APP for your Android device is searching for Huawei Mobile WiFi in Google Play or HUAWEI App Center, and downloading and installing the app to your device. Besides this way, we now introduce you a new way to download the APP by using a 2D Barcode. Here are the steps for you.

From the E5786 4G LTE MiFi,

1Press the MENU button of E5786 to display the menu.

2Press the MENU button to scroll to 2D Barcode

3Press the button to enter 2D Barcode.

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Just like Huawei E5878, Huawei E5786 mobile Wi-Fi router provides another two ways for users to access the Internet beside accessing the Internet via 4G LTE/3G/2G. As the fastest 4G mobile router, E5786 enables users to connect it to a Wi-Fi hotspot and then other devices connect to the E5786 could access the Internet easily. Now you will get to know how to connect your Huawei E5786 to a Wi-Fi hotspot from the following guide.

1Turning Wi-Fi extender On or Off

1. Press the MENU button to display the menu.

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At last article, we show you the guide about how to download E5786 Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi APP using a 2D barcode, now this article we will show you how to connect Android device to Huawei E5786 with a 2D barcode. In fact, you also could use the common way to connect your mobile devices by searching the Wi-Fi hotspot signal from the Huawei E5786 router and to it by entering the right wireless network encryption password.

On the 4G Mobile WiFi Huawei E5786:

1Press the MENU button to display the menu of the device.

2Press the MENU button to scroll to 2D Barcode.

3Press the power button to enter 2D Barcode.

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Supporting the next-generation LTE-Advanced CAT6 network, the Huawei E5786 router pushes download speeds to an incredible 300 Mbps. After the release of E5786, it attracts many people’s attention. Now take a brief overview of the newest powerful Huawei E5786 mobile Wi-Fi, the appearance of it, the home screen and menu screen of the E5786 router. Enjoy the simplicity and power the technoolog brings us.

E5786 Appearance Overview

At first sight, the appearance of E5786 is similar with Huawei E5776 mobile Wi-Fi. If you look carefully, you would see that the WPS button is replaced by the menu button which gives the E5786 more functions than the E5776 router.

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