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Top Sellers 4G External Antnena

Dual TS9/SMA/CRC9 4G Antenna

* Dual Connector 4G booster antenna
* Antenna connector type: SMA/TS9/CRC9
* Antenna Gain: 35dBi

28dbi 4G LTE Antenna TS9/SMA

* High Quality 4G Antenna Signal Booster
* LTE Antenna Gain: 28dbi
* 4G/LTE Frequency: 698~960MHz /1710~2690MHz

All 4G LTE External Antenna

Huawei B890 Antenna

* 35dbi high gain 4G antenna
* Dual SMA Connector 4G LTE antenna
* External antenna for Huawei B890 router

Huawei B593 Antenna

* Frequency Range: 790MHz~2690MHz
* Antenna connector type: SMA
* Antenna Gain: 0.5+/-1dBi
* Antenna for Huawei B593 routers

Huawei E5172 Antenna

* High Quality Huawei E5172 Antenna
* LTE Antenna Gain: 28dbi
* 4G/LTE Frequency: 698~960MHz /1710~2690MHz

Huawei E398 E392 Antenna

* 25dbi 4G LTE Antenna with TS9 Connector
* Cable length: 2m
* For Huawei E392, E398 and more

Huawei E5776 Antenna

* Antenna Gain: 10dbi
* Huawei E5776 4G external antenna
* Frequency Range: 698~960MHz /1710~2690MHz

9dbi Outdoor 4G Antenna

* Full 1800-2600MHz frequency panel antenna
* LTE Antenna Gain: 9dbi
* 2*2 LTE MIMO antenna outdoor


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Huawei E589 Antenna

* Antenna Gain: 10dbi
* 100% original Huawei 4G LTE external antenna
* Frequency Range: 698~960MHz /1710~2690MHz

Huawei E5786 Antenna

* 35dbi Peak Gain Omni LTE Antenna
* 4G MIMO LTE Antenna for Huawei E5786 Wi-Fi Router
* 2 Meters Twin Cable with 2 TS9 Connectors Fitted

Huawei E5372 Antenna

* High gain external antenna with two TS9 connectors
* LTE Antenna Gain: 35dbi
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Dual LTE MIMO Antenna

* 40bi dual connectors 4G LTE MIMO Antenna
* Cable length: 2m
* TS9/SMA/CRC9 connectors

11dbi Outdoor LTE Antenna

* Full 700-2600MHz frequency supported 4G directional antenna
* LTE Antenna Gain: 11dbi
* Cable length can be customized

28dbi Yagi 4G Antenna

* Wideband 700-2600MHz frequency supported
* 28dbi 4G Log Periodic Antenna
* Outside or inside usage


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